<aside> ⚠️ VIBES changed to VIBES #2!

Our main goal in VIBES #1 was and is to cultivate new, bright, outgoing and interesting participants. And we partly achieved it! Going forward, we plan to empower those who have already gone through our tasks and shown small yet steady results in their personal blogs or have some experience in content creation and distribution.

All the spending is documented below.

And we haven't forgotten about those who have been active over the past few months! We have carefully analyzed the tasks completed and engagement in all of the DAO's processes. Based on the evaluation by our contributors, we came up with a Coefficient of activity, engagement, and uniqueness. This coefficient directly affects the exchange of points for tokens during this final distribution. All was done in Discord, see history.

After rewards are sent, channels and Discord roles related to VIBES - might discontinue if no new purpose is found for them. Look into VIBES #2 for new!


[GIP-13] "VIBES" focusing on onboarding & marketing (initiative)

[GIP-50] subDAO VIBES budget Q2 and onboarding Rising Vista on OBRA

Activity reports

Spending reports

Rewards, Marketing and KOLs

What (was) VIBES?