About Gearbox

We are a small lean team of engineers and DeFi enthusiasts who have been building in crypto for the past few years. We are making ⚙️🧰 Gearbox Protocol - generalized leverage protocol that enables anyone to get leverage to use on their favourite DeFi protocol in a composable manner!

We want to contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem especially, and move the DeFi space forward. We want to make it more permissionless, accessible, and open. This is why we see community, open governance, and composability of protocols - as of utmost importance!

We want to stick by these values and build this 🆒 protocol together.

Gearbox ecosystem always has cool things which developers can work on, you can check our Discord developers channel. There will be a grant ecosystem and a partner program later on. Everybody will have something to contribute. Next to that, the core team is looking for senior developers who are interested in building together the new DeFi primitive, as well as other positions. We are working hard to deliver a great product, so join us! See the DAO work flow:

Gearbox DAO

Open Positions


If you come across this page but don’t see an open position, please feel free to reach out us on Discord and we can manage to find a way to work together! Join Gearbox and contribute to different aspects of the protocol: governance, integrations, code, marketing - you name it. Our ranks are steadily growing. We would also want to see other protocols adding Gearbox as generalized leverage to their stack, let’s build together!

Other Links

Website: https://gearbox.fi/

GitHub: https://github.com/Gearbox-protocol/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GearboxProtocol

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/gearbox